Split System Air Conditioners

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Split System

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Although there are many different options when it comes to cooling and heating your home, the vast majority of homes have split system air conditioners installed. A split system air conditioner is a two-part unit consisting of a motor which is located outside and the head unit which is mounted on an internal wall, this makes split systems much quieter than the old “all in one” wall units.

Today’s split systems are not only efficient in operation but are designed to fit into your homes décor with smooth rounded shapes and featuring the latest air purifying technology in a large number of models. A home air conditioner is no longer just a bolt on product but is an essential inclusion in any home providing year round comfort and modern styling.

As with all electrical products, efficiency is reliant on you selecting the model and size which suites your environment and room size perfectly. This is more than a guessing game but a formula to ensure your split systems power consumption and air output is optimum for your situation. With the introduction of inverter technology, split systems are now able to adjust the power needed to condition your home automatically saving you even more money.

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