Supply & Installation

We guarantee our workmanship for 5 years & also the air conditioners we Supply have a 5 year manufacturing warranty

Air Conditioning Installation

We can help to select your Air Conditioners.

One of the processes when purchasing a new unit is the matter of the installation which is normally an after thought when buying the product. In fact, the air conditioning installation is a major contributor to the efficient operation and reliability of the unit. There is no substitute to ensuring that your unit is not only matched to your environment but it is installed and tested correctly to the manufacturers specifications and to Australian standards by registered tradesmen.

The other factor in the installation process is the quality of the install, since this unit will become a fixed feature to your internal décor, you will want it to be installed professionally, be right the first time, the work area cleaned up, respect given to you and your property and be shown how to operate all the functions on the unit.

Obviously air conditioning installation is not done the same by everyone. The only surety you can depend on is that Chek Air Conditioning is a specialist in their field and only employs highly trained air conditioning tradesmen to manage your install and ensure your satisfaction every time.

Supply & Installation