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The ability of a business to control the environment in which a customer is engaged or deliver a productive environment for employees to work is critical for business owners. Commercial air conditioning plays a very large part of that environment creation to ensure it not only draws customers in to your premises but have them comfortable while discussing a purchase choice. Equally the employee servicing the customer will be more effective in doing their job if the environment is managed correctly.

The commercial requirements for air conditioning units are wide and varied and require detailed assessment of the site and its application before a custom solution can be established. A well defined commercial air conditioning unit will provide a high level of performance, reliability and control for the operator and property managers for many years to come.

There are many stories of poor quality fit outs through price cutting or unqualified recommendations which are now costing owners and property managers excessive maintenance fees for upkeep or have had to be replaced prematurely, you don’t want to be one of them.

Chek Air Conditioning are highly experienced commercial air conditioning tradespeople providing site specific specification, supply, installation and maintenance programs for all your commercial needs.

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    I have previously had air conditioning people in to do an annual service and always, felt like I should have just done it myself, had the blokes from Chek Air in and was really impressed, with a thorough job done, at a fair price. I will use them again.

    — Ray Simmich