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One of the many creature comforts that we all enjoy is a home air conditioner. For many of us, the choice of whether or not to install a home air conditioner is easy, it’s the decision to air condition the entire house, or just a couple of rooms which requires more consideration. After all, we’ve all grown accustomed to air conditioning and we’d all like to experience the comfort that a home air conditioner provides in the place we spend the most part of our lives.

One of the first things that you need to consider with home air conditioners is which type of unit best suits you and your budget. You have 2 main selections available; split systems or ducted systems. Both are designed for home comfort, but depending on your particular house configuration, your preference to one style or another and the environment you live in, will determine the range of models available.

The 2nd fact you should be aware of is that bigger is not always better. Home air conditioners come rated according to the area they can effectively cover, which Chek Air Conditioning can accurately calculate for you. A poorly recommended or oversized unit is going to end up costing you more money for the unit itself and is going to be less cost effective in the long run.

Since there are likely to be a variety of home air conditioners that will fit your sized room or home, the third thing that you need to look at is the efficiency of the unit itself. You will find the major manufacturers of units like Panasonic focus on giving you the best value for money for the quality they provide with good backup service.

Chek Air Conditioning provides you with trained professional advice on selecting the right unit for your application and will guide you through the maze of choices available to ensure your home air conditioner is installed and operating perfectly using the only best qualified tradesmen.

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    Being a property owner in Ipswich I have found it beneficial to work with a local air conditioning company. I have dealt with Chek Air for approximately the past 5 years and found them to be willing and available to help whenever requested. They are a very trustworthy company that provide good quality service.

    — B. George